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“My mission is to help my clients achieve glowing, healthy and flawless skin”


Dermal Clinician & Laser Technician


Lisa is passionate in targeting and correcting present skin concerns and providing future preventative measures for her clients.

Lisa has several qualifications having studied Business, Dermal Science, Tattoo Removal and working for Plastic Surgery Practices all over the state. Lisa has a warming and harmonious approach professionally being able to help achieve and maintain healthy skin and its appearance. Having experience in high end skincare, cosmetic rejuvenation and management in tattoo removal she is able to customise treatments using new technology and techniques. Focusing on ensuring her clients achieve glowing, flawless skin.


“I’ve been seeing Lisa for about 18 months now, for several different types of treatments. Some have been pretty invasive, but I have always felt like I have been in the safest hands with her. Lisa has always been incredibly tentative, and caring towards whatever my skin concerns have been; and made sure that each journey I’ve been on with her, that she has checked in to make sure everything is working best for me. Lisa is never brand focused, she is treatment focus, hence why whatever my skin is suited to, she has made sure that that is what she has provided to me. Which has always given me the reassurance that she’s had my best interest in mind. I couldn’t recommend a better cosmetician. It’s always the best feeling when you have found someone who is passionate about what they do, and it shows in the service they provide. And this is most definitely Lisa.”


Lisa has been treating all my skincare needs for the last 2 years, from Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Facials, Chemical Peels and mainly treatment of my Pigmentation concerns and spider veins.

During this time, I’ve felt more comfortable and confident in my own skin. She not only provides an excellent service, she goes above and beyond to make me feel at ease and in control during each stage of the treatment process, all while reaching my desired outcome.
I’m so grateful for Lisa’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to Skin.