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Hair Removal Bulleen

Hair Removal Bulleen
Also servicing Eaglemont, Templestowe, Lower Plenty, Rosanna, Heidelberg, Balwyn North, Doncaster, Ivanhoe, Kew and the North Eastern Suburbs

The result is long-term hair removal with the added bonus of skin rejuvenation – leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother, and younger-looking.

The number of sessions for hair removal depends on the color of the hair, its location, and the length of the hair growth cycle. The area being treated and individual genetic factors also determine the number of treatments required.  Therefore,  it is difficult to give an exact number of sessions. However, it is generally accepted that an average of eight to 10 sessions give a good result



From 10 mins


Starts from $10


After 1 treatment

More Information:


Hair Colour and Skin Type:

  • Hair containing more melanin will absorb more energy, darker the hair better the results and the lighter the skin the better treatment outcome in less number of treatment sessions
  • Dependant on hair colour, treatment and hormonal change some hair will remain approx 20%, however the remaining hair will often be lighter and finer

Over the next 3 weeks:

  • Slowed hair growth
  • Shedding of hair 2-3 weeks after treatment concerns

The effectiveness of each IPL hair removal session is also dependant on the following:

  • Hair Colour
  • Skin type
  • Hair cycle

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The team at Cosmetic Skin Co a professional, qualified and experienced skin therapist and a Registered Nurse Cosmetic Injector welcome you to the clinic helping tailor your skin care needs and desires with a relaxing and warming approach. Cosmetic Skin Co is located at Bulleen, within close proximity to Templestowe, Templestowe Lower, Eaglemont, Doncaster, Rosanna, Heidelberg, Kew, Lower Plenty, Balwyn, Balwyn North & Ivanhoe