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Makeup Remover Pads with a Free Wash Bag – 3 Pack

With these reusable makeup removal pads, you can have a luxurious skin routine In style

Wash away the day with our unique Cosmetic Skin Co, reusable, ECO-Friendly, and biodegradable makeup remover pad, provided in our 100% Cotton reusable laundry washing bag.

The pad fibers can absorb dust, grease, dirt particles, and liquids as the ultra-fine fibers have a strong water absorption being able to hold 7 times their weight. In addition, the pad will dry quickly and effectively preventing the growth of bacteria. 




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Makeup Remover Pads with a Free Wash Bag – 3 Pack

Suitable For:

  • Women, men, children, and even for cleaning your baby’s face.  All skin types, dry, oily, acne, and sensitive skin.


  • Make-up Removal Pads can be used daily.
  • Using your favorite Cosmetic Skin Co cleanser or face mask, wet your makeup remover pad with cold or warm water. In gentle circular motions wipe away the day.
  • The Cosmetic Skin Co tag on the pad can be used as a hook to air dry your pad and make it convenient to hang where you like. Your skin will be soft and glowing!

Machine or Handwash

  • Durable, lightweight, super absorbent, and quick drying. Each lasting up to 200 washing cycles.
  • Machine wash in the Cosmetic Skin Co 100% Cotton Reusable washing bag.
  • Hand wash after each use with warm water and appropriate soap or facial cleanser.






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